An Extraordinary Opportunity for

Community + Learning + Accomplishment

15 Days * Individual Listening * Group Coaching * Quantum Results

Dianne Collins and Alan Collins invite you and your colleagues to participate in an extraordinary experience—the QuantumThink® MasterMind program – combining personal learning, group collaboration, and interactive mastery coaching – via teleconference/ webconference.

QuantumThink MasterMind program themes are
customized, priced
and scheduled for your group.

Call for information: 305-354-8141.

  • Establish masterful mindsets for quantum leaps in results.
  • Learn the most leading edge thinking principles and practices, the QuantumThink® system of thinking.
  • Awaken awareness and take yourself beyond outdated habits.
  • Create a powerful relationship with your ability to accomplish.
  • Experience greater confidence, relaxation, and peace of mind.
  • Collaborate with others in an enjoyable expansion in effectiveness.

QuantumThink MasterMind


Intent for an Extraordinary Experience

QuantumThink MasterMind is an amazing 15-day program that uses the QuantumThink AudioCoach online streaming or CDs in a simple, convenient teleseminar structure that supports learning to QuantumThink® as a community while accomplishing specific results based in and according to the created “Intent” of participants, collectively and individually.

For any group with a common or related purpose, interest and Intent.Scheduled by request for 300 or more people per QuantumThink MasterMind program.Concurrent programs can be scheduled to include an entire company or organization learning to QuantumThink together—for a virtual explosion in thinking and results.

  • QuantumThink MasterMind groups can be made up of business associates, friends, family, or any community. You create the group and we arrange the program to accomplish your objectives and fit your schedule.
  • Anyone from around the world can participate, easily and effortlessly via telephone or Internet.
  • Program Distinction Titles
    Introduction to QuantumThink 1- Holistic & Holographic 2- Observer-created Reality
    3- Infinite Possibility 4- Success To Mastery 5- Allowing 6- Being In One Conversation 7- Transformation As Distinct From Change 8- 4 Aspects of Knowing
    9- Perspective Of All Perspectives 10- Being Centered

Program Includes

  • QuantumThink AudioCoach – Audio streaming downloadable in MP3 of
    10 Core QuantumThink Distinctions (principles) and Recreations (practices).
  • 5 Group Coaching Interactive Calls with Dianne Collins, QuantumThink author and creator; and Alan Collins, master QuantumThink coach.
  • Specific instruction and coaching on creating an Intent for your Results.
  • 1 Bonus “Follow-up” Group Call. (Scheduled approximately 2 weeks after completion.)
  • QuantumThink Essences – the written essence of each QuantumThink distinction.
  • QuantumThink Coaching Worksheets – for applying the QuantumThink Distinctions to address specifically what is relevant in your life.

a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world
For people who seek leading edge thinking, models and methods for mastering effectiveness and fulfillment in life, as our world undergoes dramatic change.

QuantumThink is a new system of thinking comprised of specific distinctions in thinking that blend insights from new science and spiritual wisdom with references to leading edge discoveries—into practical wisdom that instantaneously heightens awareness as you listen or as you read.

By listening to the QuantumThink distinctions you learn and integrate the characteristics of our emerging new world view. In a simple yet profound way you transform your relationship to every aspect of your life—the way you relate to other people, your work, your well being, your effectiveness, and your overall purpose.

You gain a heightened awareness giving you access to your power to create the results you want in life from a place of mastery, grace and ease. Learning takes place multi-dimensionally – mentally, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. You tap into powerful, inherent human faculties that have not been a focus of our traditional education—such as Intent, Intuition, and Nonlocal Mind.

QuantumThink MasterMind


Tapping into Genius

It is known by leading edge scientists today that we exist in fields. Call them fields of energy, fields of intelligence; “quantum fields” – the fact is we are interrelated and interconnected through a field beyond the ordinary five senses, the field known as Mind.

We can and do affect and influence one another, whether or not we are aware of it. When we use this quality of mind consciously and with awareness, in creative collaboration with others, we accomplish greatness beyond what any one of us could achieve or imagine.

The Intent of QuantumThink MasterMind is to come together and tap into the energy fields, experience, intelligence, and unique genius of one’s self and others, for the purpose of igniting group genius in one and all, in the groundbreaking context of QuantumThink.

In his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill recognized that since the mind is energy and spirit, that bringing minds together amplified the power of all individuals. He urged people serious about their commitments to create MasterMind groups.

QuantumThink MasterMind: Tapping Into Genius is an 15-day program, a coaching structure for learning to QuantumThink together with others. Each participant has his/her own set of QuantumThink CDs or an online audio streaming subscription to the recorded distinctions. You listen to the 10 fundamental QuantumThink Distinctions, one per day, on your own, while in a quantum community – a field of people listening to the same thinking Distinction and practicing the Recreation, an exercise for the mind and awareness. You participate in five (5) live group teleconference calls and communicate with other participants in an online space set up especially for your program.

The program begins with an opening day teleconference call where you express your Intent(s) into the conscious field of fellow participants. By tapping into the genius of others and the entire field, you harness the power of your interconnectedness, consciously and with the awareness that you are doing so. Then watch the magic unfold. The synergy is amazing and the possibilities are infinite in this consciously created quantum field.

From a new world view perspective life occurs in quantum leaps – instantaneous shifts in awareness bringing unprecedented results. This is the best way we know to begin your new cycle, new project, new plateau or New Year – knowing the power of your own Intent and tapping into the light of your own awareness.

© 2011 Dianne Collins/ QuantumThink®